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cheap louis vuitton outlet buy and membership card features. Customers can be docked martial arts business district almost all businesses. At the same time, users can also gather pages and PayPal service window to receive merchant membership card, enjoy discounts. In addition, the mobile phone Taobao and Alipay wallet in the 'martial arts business district', but also a collection of public service functions and shopping district travel, support inquiries and navigation to the parking lot, public toilets, bus stops, attractions and pharmacies, consumers, The virtual 'martial arts business circle' also integrates the 'fast taxi' taxi service. Alibaba side revealed that a pilot Wulin Road Women Street, settled in the number of businesses around 400. Among them, hotels, restaurants, entertainment, cinemas and commercial centers, the line under the brand stores, through the selection, there are more than 10 stores on the line. In the above-mentioned about 400 entities stores, can support mobile phone orders and payment. Alibaba Group CPO Chief Human louis vuitton bags outlet

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louis vuitton outlet store consumers are not fools, not as good as the actual delivery of red envelopes to make a more happy to make a discount. 2. Price war is a protracted war. For the passive position in the electronic business platform, the price war to continue to play, play once meaningless, like throwing a stone to the sea, can not set off layers of ripples. Suning, the first two years of massive price war with the Jingdong, when playing in full swing, but the price war after a comparison of consumers, or the price of Jingdong more affordable. Therefore, the price war is to catch up with the opponent's long-term strategy to fight a price war, we must do a good job long-term lower than the competitors, at least the price can not be higher than the competitors. 3. Price war should be targeted to play. To fight a price war, it is necessary to identify their own goals, the hot products for competitors to long-term directional play. 28 rules apply to the same price war, tightly pegged to each other's top 20% of sales to 30% of products hit hard louis vuitton purses outlet

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